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    Floor 6, Building 1, Chuangdahui Garden, No. 7, Daming 1st Road, Guangda Community, Leliu Street, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province..

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Shenzhen Huachuangmei Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Huachuangmei Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd., "Huachuangmei" symbolizes the "beauty of Chinese innovation" and expresses the company's vision to innovate and inherit excellent manufacturing technology in China. Since its establishment in 2009, Huachuangmei Electric Appliances has always adhered to innovation and stable operation. After years of development, the company has gradually evolved from a workshop style production to a modern electrical appliance manufacturing enterprise that integrates research and development, production, and sales.

Huachuangmei focuses on the production of welding machines and the research and manufacturing of other types of electrical appliances. We not only have profound technological accumulation in the field of traditional welding machines, but also actively explore new intelligent welding equipment, striving to establish a new benchmark in the electrical industry. Our products include: manual welding (ARC series), gas shielded welding (MIG series), argon arc welding (TIG series), plasma cutting machine (CUT series) and other series of products. We continuously cultivate and actively strive, with only one goal: to make every effort to create high-quality products. Our company fully implements the ISO9001 quality management system, with a series of products, highly competitive multi-level prices, and high-quality services that match it, making our products stand out in the market competition. Our products are sold worldwide and have received unanimous praise from customers and people from all walks of life at home and abroad.

Looking ahead to the future, our spirit of progress requires your recognition and support. Huachuangmei sincerely hopes that every new and old customer will show a satisfied smile. With the support of our customers and our unremitting efforts, we hope to create more outstanding products to give back your love and care for Huachuangmei.


                                                                                                                                    Huachuangmei Shenzhen Headquarters


                                                                                                                                           Huachuangmei Foshan Factory

Taiwan R&D Center

Since its establishment, Taiwan Huachuangmei R&D Center (hereinafter referred to as "Huachuangmei") has always adhered to the pursuit of technological innovation and a keen understanding of market demand. After years of unremitting efforts, it has evolved from a startup to a leading research and development center in the industry. Our development history has witnessed significant achievements in technology research and development, product innovation, and market expansion. Our R&D headquarters is located in Taiwan, and we are committed to providing advanced R&D solutions and technical support to global customers.

The corporate culture of Taiwan Huachuangmei R&D Center is based on the four core values of "innovation, excellence, cooperation, and responsibility". We firmly believe that only through continuous innovation can we maintain a competitive advantage; Only by pursuing excellence can we win the trust of our customers; Only through close cooperation can we achieve common goals; Only by taking responsibility can we win the respect of society.

Our product line covers multiple fields such as motor control, smart home, and industrial automation, aiming to provide efficient, reliable, and intelligent solutions for the global market. Our market positioning is in the mid to high end market, committed to providing customers with high-quality products and services.

The Taiwan Huachuangmei R&D Center has accumulated rich experience in multifunctional and cross domain research and design of motors. Our R&D team continuously explores innovative applications of motor technology, widely applied in fields such as smart homes, industrial control, automotive electronics, transportation railways, and steel structure chemical engineering, providing customers with one-stop solutions.

We have a strong R&D team with strong technical capabilities, including multiple experts in motor control, embedded systems, algorithm optimization, and other fields. They have profound theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience in their respective fields, and can quickly respond to customer needs and provide customized R&D services.


Malaysia Technical After sales Training Center

Huachuangmei Malaysia Technical After sales Training Center is a technology training and service center that combines elements of China and Malaysia. The name "Huachuangmei" symbolizes the combination of Chinese wisdom and innovative spirit with Malaysia's professional services, committed to providing high-quality training services for the technical after-sales field. This training center provides training and services in multiple technical fields for Malaysia and its international partners, including but not limited to:

1. Technical after-sales training: covering skills training in maintenance, troubleshooting, optimization and upgrading of various product machines and equipment.

2. Customer service and communication: Training on how to better communicate with customers, understand their needs, and provide satisfactory solutions.

3. After sales service process: Teach standardized after-sales service processes to improve service efficiency and quality.

4. Technical Support Consulting: Provide remote or on-site technical support to partners or customers to help them solve technical problems.

5. Cross cultural exchange: Considering Malaysia's diverse cultural background, it also includes training on expanding cultural communication to help technical after-sales personnel better adapt to different cultural environments.

Huachuangmei - Malaysia Technical After sales Training Center also combines international perspectives and local experience of professional institutions to provide practical and cutting-edge technical after-sales training services for partners in Malaysia and various regions.


Thailand Sales Training Center

Professionalism is the foundation, service is the guarantee, and quality is reputation. Adhering to this business philosophy, it provides a solid support for our sales team in Thailand. There are over 100 sales stores in Thailand that own our brand "HCM", and even gradually expand to Southeast Asia. Huachuangmei is well aware of the potential and importance of the Thai market, and has therefore established a sales training center specifically in Thailand. The center adheres to the consistent corporate spirit of Huachuangmei and aims to provide professional and efficient sales training services for enterprises and sales personnel in Thailand and Southeast Asia. We hope to provide professional training to help businesses and sales personnel improve their sales capabilities, achieve business growth, and jointly promote the economic development of Thailand and the region