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  • 05-11


    Industry Related | Explain The Varistor In 5000 Words.

    The following article is from Big Talk Hardware, by Katter.1. VaristorVaristor, English name Voltage Dependent Resistor, abbreviated VDR, or Varistor, Variable (will change) + Resistor (resistor). Its volt-ampere characteristic curve is nonlinear. That is, the resistance value of the varistor is not

  • 05-01


    Industry Related | Power Management Chip How To Choose?

    Power management through a certain circuit topology, the different power input into the system to meet the needs of the output voltage. The Power supply directly affects the system performance, and the key component that determines the performance of the power supply is the Power Management Integrat

  • 04-26


    Industry Related | Explain Capacitors

    First, the basic principle of capacitanceCapacitors, together with inductors and resistors, are the three basic passive devices in electronics. The function of a capacitor is to store electrical energy in the form of electric field energy.Taking parallel plate capacitor as an example, the basic prin

  • 03-01


    Market News | CCTV Financial Excavator Index - Intensive Construction Of Major Projects Began In Man

    Excavator is the "standard configuration" of infrastructure construction, and it is a weather vane that reflects infrastructure construction and observes economic changes such as fixed asset investment. The "CCTV Financial Excavator Index" jointly created by CCTV Finance and Sany

  • 02-28


    Market Information | 2023 Tool Import And Export Customs Data Analysis!

    China Machine Tool Industry Association tool branch secretariat collected, collated2023The import and export customs data of tools (cutting tools, measuring tools, measuring instruments) are calculated and analyzed for industry reference.1.Tool import and export analysisIn 2023, the export val